Consorzio Gruppo Italcem started from the need of proposing a complete product in the field of the civil and industrial plant design, including electro-instrumental,  mechanical, thermo-hydraulic and air-conditioning works.
Other than offering certain competitive advantages, the solution adopted involves an overhead optimization and a certain containment of prices in goods purchasing  which is centralized in every acquired job.
Moreover the flexibility of working force is increased by using different subjects as it is easier to provide for possible work’s peaks even using external sub-contractors or increasing the number of  the associated companies. For this reason different experienced  realities individually operating, have been associated.

Therefore Consorzio is able to propose and elaborate technical specifications to operate on electrical installations, automation, instrumentation and operation, mechanical, thermo-hydraulic, air-conditioning and  ventilation, total or partial  turnkey systems as the organization structure is operating in the following fields:
a) Electric (high, low and medium voltage)
b) Automation, Instrumentation and Operation
c) Information Technology
d) Mechanical
e) Thermo-hydraulic
f) Air-conditioning
g) Forced ventilation
h) Fire Prevention
i) Anti Intrusive

Gruppo Italcem also supplies an articulate customer care, as follows:
-Planning and scheduling of maintenance to keep the installations perfectly efficient
-Feasibility studies of new installations or  modifications of them through the adoption of advanced technologies in the fields, aimed at their improvement of productivity and consequent energy and management saving .

If necessary, Consorzio can avail oneself of external collaboration of engineering offices for any design.

In the panel of its operative structures, our Group has locate its centre in a site logistically suitable for the activity  developed where there are the administrative offices, the technical department, the planning centre and the workshop which takes up about 1000 sqm.

The Consorzio Gruppo Italcem’s Quality System is pursuant to qualifications of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 in the field of  design, installation and maintenance of civil and industrial technological and special plants.